Chaos is costly.

How much is poor communication costing you?

Poor communication costs large companies $62.4M and small businesses $420,000*. Per year. (Ouch.)


Put this $$$ back in your pocket while increasing:

  • Retention by 4.5x
  • Productivity by 20-25%
  • Returns to shareholders by 47%
  • Talent acquisition by a whole lot
  • And your impact by a quantum leap

*If you want the research behind the stats, get in touch. We love research!

Communicate I/O is a simple way to clear the chaos and create cultures where people feel included and inspired.


Claxon helps companies and leaders communicate with clarity and confidence.

Our proven approach ensures bad communication never gets in the way of your good work.

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Finding the right words to explain what you do and why you do it is shockingly complicated. That's where Erica's genius comes in to erase overly 'explain-y' paragraphs and replace them with gorgeous words that finally get your point across with ease.

- Jennifer Alcorn, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The messaging Erica helped us develop is proving invaluable as we introduce our new organization to potential funders, partner organizations, and elected officials. I highly recommend Erica for communications strategy, branding, and messaging--she is great!

- John Daly, American Lands Project

Erica is one of the most talented and insightful communications professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. In addition to top-notch deliverables, when you work with Erica, you get the benefit of working with one of the thought leaders in the field.

- Scott Jackson, Global Impact


Know better. Lead better.

Communication expert Erica Mills Barnhart blends rigorous research and real-world examples with wry humor to teach leaders how to communicate with clarity and confidence.

Her crowd-pleasing, tough love talks motivate leaders to create cultures where people feel included and inspired…one word at a time. Watch her speak.

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Communicate I/O

Communicate I/O explores how effective communication can change workplaces and the world. Join communication expert Erica Mills Barnhart and her guests, and learn how to create cultures where people feel included and inspired…one word at a time.

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