“You can change the world...one word at a time. You really, truly can.”

- Erica Barnhart, Communication Expert & Speaker

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Communicate for Good

Want to boost employee retention, productivity, and happiness AND your bottom line?

With ineffective communication costing $12,506 (or more) per employee, it’s high time to upgrade how you, your team, and your organization communicate. Based on Erica’s ground-breaking work and research, clients who use Communicate for Good have increased year-end donations by 178%, landed million-dollar grants, and negotiated mergers and acquisitions that increased margins while advancing their mission.

Communicate for Good is a proven, research-backed way to communicate with clarity and confidence. And get epic results in short order. 



The Language of Leadership

Why do leaders try so hard to communicate successfully, yet fail to get the results they want?

Most leaders aren’t taught how to communicate effectively. As a result, they create chaos and confusion vs clarity and confidence. In this session, Erica teaches leaders how to use language to increase their influence and impact, and create cultures where people feel included and inspired…rather than deflated and down.

Drawing on her 20+ years of experience working with leaders from the public, private, and for-profit sectors, Erica gives leaders a way to tap into the power of words to effect change in themselves, their teams, and the world.



Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

Do you and your team have an elevator pitch that lights you up?

No? You’re not alone. Whether it’s for a sales presentation with a new client or a meeting with a potential donor to your nonprofit, most people want to be able to answer the question, “What do you do?” with vim and vigor, clarity and confidence. Yet, alas, they can’t and don’t. The secret to powerful pitches is purpose: individual and organizational.

Through a proven process that has been used by thousands, Erica paves the way for participants to connect with purpose at work and in their lives. Participants walk away feeling energized, connected, and ready to pitch with purpose!

Based on Erica’s popular book, Pitchfalls: Why bad pitches happen to good people.





Want an unforgettable experience that gets people revved up and raving?

Of course you do! And you deserve nothing less. Erica’s unique blend of rigor and humor is like none other. She finds out exactly what you want and need, and then figures out the best way to deliver a keynote, training, or talk that will get 5-star reviews from attendees. Whether it’s a 45 minute keynote, a  half-day training, or an all-day workshop, participants will leave with a new–and highly effective–way of communicating that they can use right away.

If your event attendees are interested in increasing year-end donations by 178%, retention by 4.5X, productivity by 20-25%, and/or returns to shareholders by 47%, hire Erica for your next event.



Erica is a master presenter. In a clear and engaging way, she conveys the power of language to create impact and get results.

- Liahann Bannerman, United Way

Erica commands the stage effortlessly, connects with people instantly, and delivers inspiring and actionable information clearly and concisely.

- Megan McNally, Doyenne Strategy

Erica knows what her speaking clients need, and she delivers. We allowed only 35 minutes, and she left the audience hungry for more. We had to turn the lights out; otherwise they would have stayed all night.

- William Borden, EarthShare Washington

Yours was one of the best workshops I’ve ever participated in – it was truly helpful. I think it’s an absolute must for anybody who wants to be an effective communicator!

- Sherrie Smith, Community Energy Project

Notable Speaking Engagements


Aging Services Development Forum

National Alliance for Choice in Giving

Northwest Enterprising Moms

Pacific Continental Bank

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?