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The Wordifier

Hook your audience with our data-driven tool that brings variety to your messaging.

The human brain is wired to pay attention to new information and ignore the old, including the words we read and hear. If you’re using the same words as everyone else you’re going to get lost in the crowd. This free tool is driven by data collected from over 2,500 nonprofits, representing a wide variety of sub-sectors, budgets, and geographic regions.

The good news? Nonprofits are barely scratching the surface of what’s available. Simply clack a word into the tool and instantly see whether you should stop using that word, use it with caution, or use it all you want!

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Fumbling your words when someone asks you what you do? We can help with that.

If you’re like most mission-driven people, it’s probably safe to say when you’re telling them what you do, aka giving someone a pitch, you want their eyebrows to go up, and a little head tilt that implies, “Interesting! Tell me more…” That’s a lot of pressure! And when the pressure is on, we tend to stumble over our words.

Bad pitches happen to good people all the time, but it’s an easier fix than you think. This eBook breaks down five common pitchfalls, why they happen, and how to fix or avoid them. In no time, you’ll have your perfect pitch, striking the best notes to help people know, understand, and engage in the way you need, giving you the results you want.

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A step-by-step guide to energize your employees one word at a time.

Employees are the heart, soul, and mind of any organization. When they feel valued, connected, and energized, business buzzes along. When they feel isolated, depleted, and overwhelmed, business hobbles along. All employers—whether a Fortune 500 company or a five person nonprofit—can do one very important thing to improve morale and internal culture: help employees recharge their batteries with simple, easy-to-learn tools they can use whenever and wherever it suits them.

This free e-book shares some of Erica’s best kept secrets on how to create an organizational culture that prioritizes humanity over productivity, leading to happier employees and, ultimately, to increased retention, easier acquisition, and sustainable productivity.

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Communicate for Good Quiz

Get ready to clear out that communication chaos and lead with more confidence

Do you communicate as effectively as you think? Do you present your goals, communication, and leadership in a way that aligns with your mission, vision, and values? Or do your words create chaos? Chaos is costly…and also easy to clear out when you know how.

Our free, research-backed Communicate for Good Quiz will tell you how you’re doing in key areas,  and then delivers instant, customized guidance to clear out any communication chaos and put you on the path to consistently communicate with clarity and confidence.

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Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?