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Upgrade your team’s communication system to Communicate for Good. Claxon’s proprietary protocol gets serious results by teaching everyone how to consistently communicate with clarity and confidence. It comes down to asking three simple questions:

  1. WHAT results do I want or need?
  2. WHO is my audience?
  3. HOW can I most effectively communicate with them?
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Client Impact

Greater Productivity
Teams that communicate successfully get more done, more joyfully.

Increased Retention
Employees stay with employers who make them feel included and inspired.

Bigger Bottom Line
Crystal clear communication gets rid of inefficiencies therefore boosting your bottom line.

Case Studies

Global Impact

The Situation

Global Impact has been in business for more than 60 years. Before reaching out to Claxon, they had evolved their lines of business and were looking to strategically position their work and offerings. To lay a solid foundation and grow into the next 60 years, they needed to revisit and refresh their branding, marketing, and messaging and bring all the elements into alignment internally and externally.

The Solution

Claxon worked with leadership, staff, and the board of directors to co-create positioning and values statements, as well as a tagline that got right to the heart of what Global Impact does. The messaging was then optimized for different mediums including their brochure, sales sheets, and pitches.

The Results

Shortly after working with Claxon, Global Impact acquired Geneva Global. Now they can communicate effectively: inspiring greater giving for 400+ partners in 150+ countries, resulting in nearly $2 billion raised for humanitarian causes around the world.

Gates Philanthropy Partners

The Situation

To reach its ambitious philanthropic goals, Gates Philanthropy Partners (GPP) needed to better define its value proposition. They needed clear, compelling messaging about the why, what, who, and how of their wonderful work.

The Solution

Claxon worked closely with the GPP team to refine their brand and create messaging that would resonate with different audiences. The team was then able to use the messaging on their website and other external-facing platforms, as well as in one-on-one conversations with current and potential donors.

The Results

Since doing this work in 2017, GPP has seen steady year-over-year donation growth and has a consistent communications framework across each of its audiences.

Microsoft TEALS

The Situation

In 2020, Microsoft Philanthropies Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) Program turned 10. Much had changed over the years and they wanted messaging that honored the past, reflected the present, and positioned them for the future.

The Solution

Claxon gathered information and insight from internal and external stakeholders via an online survey and a series of facilitated workshops with the TEALS team. After analyzing the input, Claxon drafted and refined TEALS values, vision, mission, and purpose statements, a program descriptor/tagline, and high-level messaging for their key audiences.

The Results

The TEALS team now has greater alignment internally around program vision and goals. As such, external marketing and communications can be done faster, with more confidence and greater consensus. The TEALS Program is ready for the next 10 years!

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Erica brings an exceptional mashup of skills. She communicates clearly, yet creatively, and is insightful and thoughtful, but quick and efficient. She is deeply committed to making an impact for her clients and in the world. Whether you are looking for a speaker or coach, she is a 'must see'.

- Nancy Long, 501 Commons

I hired Erica to coach us through a challenging mission, vision, and branding project. She challenged us to be creative and to think differently about how we positioned ourselves to multiple audiences.

- Neal Myrick, Tableau

Erica is thoughtful about the topic of communication, and approaches the work of teaching people to create effective positioning and messaging strategically, with the view of what should be accomplished with communication and not just what is said. On top of all that, she's a joy to work with!

- Lynn Hoffman, Intermountain 3D Inc.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?