“You have made the transition to my new job so much smoother and fun! Thank you. I just started this and immediately went to your website to download all of the diy tools to help us be more effective and efficient with our messaging. It’s been really fun and energizing for us!” Rosa Vissers,Yoga Behind Bars

“Erica Mills speaks annually at my Nonprofits and Social Innovation seminar at the University of Chicago and receives the highest evaluations from seminar participants each year. Using unique tools she has developed for the nonprofit sector, Erica provides a pathway for emerging nonprofit leaders to develop successful and meaningful communications strategies.  At the same time, she motivates and inspires us all to achieve greater social impact.” Prof. Scott Allard, University of Chicago

“Erica is amazing. Her professionalism, innovation and intelligence make a huge contribution to our sector and to each client lucky enough to work with her!”
Susie Burdick, Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center (HSDC)

I hired Erica to help us through a challenging mission, vision, and branding project. Erica challenged us to be creative and to think differently about how we positioned ourselves to multiple audiences. Erica also challenged and supported me as a leader. I realized once the project was over that our branding and positioning project had become a leadership development project – it was pretty awesome. We ended up making significant shifts in mission and vision that have set us on a new and expansive path to a bright future.
Neal Myrick, Groundwire

Thanks to Erica we were able to align our brand and messaging framework with our new strategic plan. Her disciplined process provided a clear road map for our progress. Her creativity and emotional intelligence allowed our team to do our best work. She is a great asset to the nonprofit sector.”
Alison Carl White, NPower NW

“At our board retreat, we did the 1, 2, 3 Marketing Tree. We had so much FUN doing the entire worksheet in a remarkably short period and came out of it with action items. I was stunned. Now we’re all enthusiastic about ourselves AND about marketing. Thank you thank you thank you.”
Colette Mercier

“Erica fills an extremely valuable role in the fundraising community — highlighting fundraising communications as a unique discipline with its own tools and best practices. Through her Claxon Forums, she brings together specialists in this area for skillfully facilitated, hands-on discussion. Erica’s expert understanding of how marketing and fundraising intersect is delivered with humor and real understanding of how to implement “should dos” in a real world of limited time and budget. It’s a rare and much-needed conversation.”
Dawn Bass, PATH

“After a great presentation Erica gave on branding, I invited her to facilitate our recent Leadership Retreat. Our team left with a clear picture of where we’re heading, what we stand for and a well-informed platform from which to launch our next strategic planning effort.”
Maile Lono-Batura, Northwest Biosolids Management Association

“Erica facilitated the visioning for our Board of Directors and did a most excellent job! She was able to bring together many different opinions and fragmented thoughts and directed them into a clear plan and direction. She also did an excellent job of connecting personally with the entire board so they were comfortable with her and trusted her guidance. She brought the right questions and processes to our board to get us to a place of clear vision and purpose. Our entire organization is in a much better place after only one day with Erica!
Julie Washburn, Washington Food Coalition

“I have now seen Erica work in three different settings with three different groups: Association of Fundraising Professionals–Washington Chapter; Washington Planned Giving Council; and Billings Middle School. For each organization Erica listened carefully,helped to facilitate sizeable groups to agree upon the essence of the their organization, and presented marketing and messaging concepts in such an entertaining and memorable way. Erica is definitely someone you want to have on your team.”
Carol Borgmann, Lakeside School

“Erica is a thoughtful strategist and communicator. Her approach is insightful, honest, and peppered with humor and enthusiasm for helping non-profits deliver their A-game with marketing, fundraising, branding, and communications. I would highly recommend Erica and her company, Claxon, for any and all work in these areas. She rocks!”
Kelly Bray, Lifelong AIDS Alliance

“I wanted you to know how useful and timely your coaching session was. We are getting materials ready for this legislative session and some of your input has been put to work already. I am sure we will be calling on you in the future.”
Vicki Wagner, Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?