The Team

Erica Mills

Erica Mills started Claxon because she wanted anyone and everyone doing good to be able to use words to get noticed. Here’s  a full run-down on Erica, her obsession with words, and how Claxon came to be.

Erica took the picture you see to the left immediately prior to teaching her last class of spring quarter at the University of Washington. (Yep, it’s a selfie.)

As you read about the rest of the Claxon team, note that all of their photos are taken in fun, exotic places. Erica’s was taken in a parking lot.

Key takeaway: Contrary to popular opinion, the life of a professor/consultant/word-obsessed speaker is not very glamorous.



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Sarah Healy, Principal, joined The Claxon Team because she believes in the power of words because of her educational background in Political Science and Philosophy.  Sarah has studied the impact of carefully crafted content, (e.g. The Constitution, On Liberty by John Stuart Mills, things of that nature) and understands that all words carry weight but the right words can drastically change the course of a country, state, or nonprofit.

Sarah previously worked in a whole host of other fields, small boutiques, large brick and mortar shops, and promotional goods, formally known as schwag.

In Sarah’s off time she enjoys running and just completed her first full marathon.  She also loves to travel and has been to 19 countries.


The end of a fabulous three-week European adventure!Vicki Williams, Research Director, loves finding practical ways to make the world a better place.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Elon University and a Master’s degree in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia, she has worked on environmentally-friendly developments like rainwater harvesting systems in India.  She applies her skills in planning, optimization, and analysis to help important projects be stronger and more effective.  Vicki recently completed a certificate program in Nonprofit Management at the University of Washington and is involved in strategic planning with local nonprofit organizations.  She has witnessed first-hand the critical role words play in engaging people to do good and is eager to further Claxon’s research.

In her spare time, Vicki enjoys playing German-style board games with her husband, shopping at local farmer’s markets, and playing fetch with her Boston Terrier, Maxwell Smart.


Past Interns

MeganMegan Morris (left) has a background in research from her undergraduate work in Sociology and Psychology. She has long been dedicated to the do-good sector and is currently finishing her Master of Public Administration program at the University of Washington, where she is focusing in Nonprofit Management. With a mind for organization and data, Megan is excited to help nonprofits be more data informed and better express their impact to the world.

Megan is an occasional health nut, aspiring novice guitar player, and avid traveler. When she isn’t feeding llamas, she is probably dabbling in meditation, whipping up healthy meals (or ice cream), or schooling her partner in a nerdy board game.




Tess Photo

Tessa (Tess) Srebro is fascinated by the role language and culture play in our world.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Penn State University, focusing her studies on Intercultural Communications and Public Relations.  Her journey has led her to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she is currently pursuing her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University.  Besides interning with Claxon and studying hard, she spends her time reading book after book, cooking delicious things, and challenging people to trivia games and/or Scrabble. She is a proud founder of the Pennsylvania-based Soup and Book Club, and former author of the recipe blog Tessa’s International Café.  She continually works to expand her worldview and gain knowledge and skills.  She strives to use these skills to fight environmental injustices and human rights violations.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?