Get audacious results in record time with Claxon’s Accelerator Packages!

We take work that usually takes organizations months and get it done in 90 days or less.

With all packages, you’ll learn how to implement the Communicate for Good framework, a proven, research-backed system that will get you better results with less stress and more joy. You’ll unlearn bad habits and replace them with healthy communication habits that save them time, money, and energy. Finally, you’ll become fluent in the Energetics of Language, a way of communicating that will help you consistently and easily achieve your goals and advance their mission.

Expand Your Communication Toolkit

Are your communication skills keeping up with your career? Are they moving you ahead or holding you back? Maybe you’ve taken on a new role or have your eye on a promotion. Maybe your team has doubled in size or you have new people in new positions. Maybe you have to figure out how to effectively connect with your team in a hybrid environment. Whatever the changes may be, your communication skills need to keep pace. 

Claxon’s communication coaching helps clients expand their communication toolkit and learn research-backed strategies and tactics that save them time and energy, while consistently getting desired results.

Good for: Staff morale; employee retention and growth; mission advancement

This 12 week engagement includes:

  • Personal Communication Assessment
  • Personalized Communication Development Plan that pinpoints the areas where you need to focus to get better results
  • Six, 45-minute coaching sessions laser focused on your specific communication needs and goals, as laid out in the Development Plan
  • 15 minute micro-assignments to reinforce learning in the coaching sessions so you immediately start getting better results
  • Unlimited access to Erica via email and Voxer–for live voice and text–so you have the support you need to level up your communication skills in between coaching sessions

Get Purposeful and Level Up

The past few years have been tough. Getting purposeful about purpose and leveling up your team’s communication skills is a surefire way to power back up to peak performance. A team recharge requires two elements:

  1. Purpose Power Up: Purpose is your why. Your north star. Your raison d’etre. When employees are clear on their personal purpose and understand how it connects to organizational purpose, magic happens. More specifically, productivity skyrockets, morale goes through the roof, and you start getting results more quickly and easily. The Purpose Power Up experience with Claxon energizes your team, brings clarity, builds trust, and creates a culture where people feel included and inspired.
  2. Communication Reboot: We will further energize your team by helping them communicate more effectively. Employees lose one day of productivity a week due to cruddy, ineffective communication. On average, that translates to a loss of $12,506 per employee per year. Rather than being directed toward advancing your mission, this time and energy is spent trying to figure out what the heck people mean. This leaves employees feeling dazed, confused, and demoralized, and stymies productivity and profits. Reboot how you communicate individually and as a team, and reclaim huge amounts of time, money, and mission-focused momentum.

Good for: Staff morale; team building; employee retention; mission advancement; internal communication; stakeholder engagement; culture


  • Personal Purpose Statement for each team member (up to 5 people)
  • Personalized Communication Assessment for each team member (up to 5 people)
  • Personalized Communication Development Plan that pinpoints the areas where each team member needs to focus to get better results
  • One-day Workshop that gets participants ready to tackle their work with newfound clarity, grace, and ease. The team will learn their personal communication style and how to communicate most effectively with other communication styles, which will save time, money, and frustration.
  • Three, 45-minute interactive group coaching sessions that staff can opt to attend. This will increase your ROI by preventing staff from falling back into old communication patterns that suck up time, energy, and money. We will hold one group coaching session per week for three weeks following the workshop.
  • 90-day access for all staff to Claxon’s digital resource library so each person can further their learning journey

Bring Power to Your Messaging

Is your messaging COVID-compliant? Does it clearly and compellingly reflect the why, what, who, and how of your work? Does it inspire sky high engagement? If not, every day you use this tired messaging you’re losing time, money, and trust. Upgrade your messaging and plug into a powerful source of positivity, profit, and personal fulfillment. 

What worked well before COVID doesn’t necessarily resonate today, especially if you’ve switched up your goals and strategy. When your messaging hits its mark, you generate more margin so you can deliver more on your mission.

Good for: Staff and board morale; donor, staff, and partner acquisition and retention; team building; culture


  • One-Day Working Session for up to 5 people to make sure your messaging aligns with your new strategic focus and is consistent throughout your communication channels, e.g. on your website, brochures, one-pagers, social media channels, and anywhere else you show up so people can engage more quickly and easily with you.
  • Three, 45-minute coaching sessions to address any emerging messaging needs and further refine marketing materials, to be done within 90 days of the Working Session.
  • 90-day access to Claxon’s proprietary research database that ensures messaging will resonate with your target audience


If you’re ready to free up a whole bunch of time, money, and energy in short order, our Accelerator Packages are for you! Invest in your company with Claxon’s Communicate I/O and we’ll help you take your communication from boring to rip-roaring in 90 days or less.

  • 1 package: $25,000
  • 2 packages: $45,000 (10% discount)
  • 3 packages: $63,750 (15% discount)

If you have a group of 5 or more, or want to invest in more than 3 packages, contact us for a custom quote.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?