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If you want to get on the radar of people who want to buy from, and donate to, companies and organizations that are doing good in the world, become a sponsor of the Marketing for Good podcast.


  • Podcast episodes live on forever. Every time a listener discovers the episode you sponsor, they’ll discover you.
  • Multiple platform exposure. Not only will listeners be able to hear about the awesome stuff your organization is doing, but your logo will also be on our social media channels and in our newsletter.
  • Podcasts have a captive audience. We have engaged listeners. We have followers who know, like, and trust us, and when we put our stamp of approval on a product or service, then that means a lot to our listeners.

Sponsorship Tiers

$495 Tier: Sponsorship shout-out at the beginning of the episode, your logo advertised on social media posts, blog post, e-blast, and show notes.

$1,000 Tier: Sponsorship shout out at the beginning of the episode, 30 second ad in the first 10 minutes of the episode, your logo advertised on social media posts, blog post, e-blast, and show notes.

Email for more information.

Rave Reviews

Must Listen! Erica is a powerhouse marketing expert whose insights are always spot on and help mission-driven organizations understand and stay ahead of industry trends. Plus she makes it all fun and relatable while talking about some world changing stuff. I’m so excited to add this podcast to my regular rotation.

Megan M.

Must listen weekly! As a business owner that has a powerful mission to accomplish through the work that I do, I’m loving listening to Erica. Her insights into marketing and the conversations that she leads her guests through are so helpful as I consider many of these questions for my own marketing.

Jennie B.

Wow. Erica does an amazing job weaving in provocative questions with her own wisdom on the subject of mission, intuition and business success. Anyone wanting to add meaning to their life or business should tune in.

Dean N.

Heck yes! I love this show– more more more please! Marketing for Good provides a long overdue message. Marketing doesn’t have to be slick or filled with manipulation or trickery. Erica and her guests take a wholehearted approach to marketing. It’s IS possible to do well by doing good. Thanks Erica for bringing your awesomeness to podcasting.

Doug S.

Erica is a positive force that is much needed in this day and age to help us create marketing that not only helps to grow the bottom line and build a brand, but also do good in the world. So excited to listen every week

Hillary H.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?