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“I liked it! Short enough to fit into my day, but still contained valuable content. Thanks for sharing!”
Jacqueline Holman

“The Language Lab podcasts are excellent! Short and sweet and hit the mark of defining why the word is so hard to achieve in life! Thanks for the insights on learning our language.” Brian

These weekly lessons are designed to give you new, yet practical ways of thinking about language and life. They are purposefully short (around 3 minutes) so you can easily fit them into your busy, busy life.

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April 22, 2015: Birthday



 The Language Lab Library

4/15/15: Peregrination

4/8/15: Priority

4/1/15: Leaderly

3/25/15: Mediocre

3/11/15: Sorry

3/4/15: Gratitude

2/25/15: Confussled

2/18/15: Love(rize)

2/11/15: And

1/28/15: Vision/Mission

1/21/15: Awesome

1/14/15: A lot

1/7/15: Resolution

12/24/14: Happy

12/17/14: Frenetic

12/10/14: Joy

12/3/14:  Vulnerability

11/26/14: Thanksgiving

11/20/14: Disappointment

11/12/14: Funsies

11/5/14: Balance

10/29/14: Boring

10/22/14: Gratitude


“I love pictures and I love words. Listening to this podcast brought a smile and a chuckle and new learning! What’s not to love about that? And I get to hear from you again next week! Yes, sign me up!”
Catherine Bachy

“Thank you for the “balance” podcast today – it brightened my day and was refreshing. I forwarded it to about six friends so I hope some of them sign up (I did!) Thanks again.”

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?