The right words can take you from being the best kept secret in town to being the most-known non-profit on the planet. Claxon can teach you how.

We are on a quest to teach all non-profits how to create perfect messaging that raises more money and engages more donors. And we’ve got the research, and expertise, to make it happen.

We live to make mission statements magnificent. To create taglines that clients instantly put on bumper stickers. To produce vision statements that make people weep tears of joy because they so perfectly capture their vision of a better world.

A few things to know about Claxon:

  • We are obsessed with words. Besotted with the transformative power of language.
  • We’re the people behind the Wordifier, the free, online tool that lets you pinpoint which words will help you stand out from the crowd. The tool that is backed by a one-of-a-kind database of 15,469,368 words gleaned from original research we did on non-profits and language.
  • We work exclusively with mission driven organizations. We don’t care about tax status. We are about our clients’ volition to make the world a better place.
  • We work with teams, we coach leaders, and we train board members.
  • In addition to consulting, Erica Mills, our Founder & CEO, is an inspiring and dynamic public speaker. If you want an event that gets attendees energized and engaged, hire Erica.
  • We take a research-based approach to messaging.
  • We also like to have a ton of fun.

Now let’s talk about you. Here are the criteria you can use to figure out if you’d be a good fit for Claxon’s consulting services.


Claxon Client Criteria

  • You’re ready for change. Not just progress, but true change.
  • You want to work with experts.
  • You want a simple, engaging way to communicate how complicated your work is.
  • You seek, and will honor, honest feedback.
  • You trust Claxon to do what we do best. And you’ll let us do it.
  • You are ready to invest at least $25,000 in this work.
  • You are a decision maker with the authority to move the process along.
  • You’re committed to making the world a better place (duh).

If you said no because of budget, check out Claxon University. It’s extremely affordable and very effective.

If you said yes to all of the above, let’s get started by having you schedule a free 15-minute consultation. >>


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Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?