Competition is not a dirty word!

Bootcamp Week #3: Identifying Your Competition (watch this week’s vid)

Although some will say the hokey pokey is what it’s all about, when it comes to getting people to engage with your organization, standing out is what’s it’s all about.

And you can only stand out if you know what you’re standing out from, right?

There are the obvious sources of competition: other nonprofits doing work similar to yours. However, in the early stages of engagement when you are simply trying to get the attention of people who care about your cause, your biggest source of competition isn’t other organizations–it’s the busy-ness of life.

Think about the factors that demand potential supporters’ attention: commuting, kids, grocery shopping, work, soccer games, fixing the faucet…it’s a long list.  How does what you want them to do fit with what they have to do?

Remember that supporters take notice when you speak to their hearts not their heads, so don’t get caught up in numbers and data at this point. You can get to that when they say “Tell me more!”

This Week’s Messaging To-Do’s

  1. Make a list of your obvious sources of competition and what makes them compelling.
  2. Make a list of less obvious sources of competition, e.g. busyness of life, apathy, fear, etc.

Next Week:

We’ll tackle unique differentiators and what makes your organization compelling…

Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp

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Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?