Video inspires emotion and emotion inspires action, but only if you do it right

Sometimes, inspiring action from your supporters is a matter of timing. And by “sometimes”, I mean pretty much always.

You may already be a Claxonette subscriber. If so, you’re aware of a little thing called the YouTube Nonprofit Program. Google offers some cool stuff for mission-driven organizations. We all know that video is the #hotnewthing (I’m going to recommend you don’t search that hashtag, actually) in the social media space. Google’s program lets you leverage that trend, and your own video brilliance to inspire action. (Yeah, they have this whole CTA thing down.)


Some of the action-tastic things they help you do:

•develop a video channel for your nonprofit

•create a “donate” button right on that channel

•add overlays on your video that encourage clicking to your webpage, campaign pages— wherever you like


Think about all the awesome ways you can use this program…

•Talk about impact with overlays that take viewers to more data if they are so inclined

•Integrate video with your other marketing channels

•Encourage followers and subscribers, to your newsletter, your Facebook page, etc.

•Leverage the connection viewers feel to your impact stories by allowing them to donate right then and there


Assuming you’ve done your planning and identified video as a good way to reach your supporters and, therefore, your goals, these changes will make your life easier by making it easier for people to take action right away—which is often the difference between people learning more about your organization or learning what’s happening in that cute cat video.



Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?