Your future: it’s young, involved and LOLing on the Interwebs

The path to giving is different for each person. Some are inspired by a personal experience, some have grown up in families where giving was expected. Still, giving is far from “default” behavior for most folks. But things are a-changin’. According to some research studies, generation Y (or “Millennials”) are giving at a higher rate than previous generations, and the way they think about giving is notably different. As this generation ages (and acquires more wealth), will we move closer to a world where giving is just something people do? That’s a trend I could get behind.

Of course, to attract your Millennial donors of the future, you’ll need to engage them in a way that’s meaningful for them now. The Millennial Impact Report (and this nifty Infographic) offers some insights on this audience that could help you ensure that your messaging meets those potential supporters where they are and inspires them to act.

 gen y infographic

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So what’s it going to take for a vision-focused organization (no, that’s not a typo…I meant to write vision-focused and not mission-focused and here’s why) to maximize Millennial engagement?

  • Give your supporters opportunities to be involved, even when your focus is fundraising. Consider volunteer opportunities an opportunity for potential future donors to build a relationship with your organization.
  • When it comes to technology, be where your audience is. This means more than just having a swanky website. Think about social media and mobile engagement.
  • Let your target audience help to spread the word. Create messaging that’s easy to share, both in format (tweets, reports) and content (succinct data points about the challenge you are working to solve).
  • Make a clear connection between what you are asking supporters to do and the impact it will make (“your gift of $5 provides school books for one child for a year”).

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Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?