Are you short-changing your mission?

ClaxonU_LogoClass is in session.

(Sort of. Ish.)

More accurately, class could be in session if you decided to take Claxon University’s on-line course, Words on a Mission.

Now, why would you–a very busy person–want to take this course? Why would you–someone with pulenty on your plate already–heap on a serving of learning?

Because, truth be told, if your words aren’t making a difference, you’re short-changing your mission.

For years, I’ve been beseeching you to pay more attention to the 15,000 words you go through in a day. This isn’t because I’m a word nerd (although I admittedly am). It’s because you likely don’t have a gazillion dollars to spend on getting the word out about your mission. And, with 50% of nonprofit mission statements being technically incomprehensible, your mission statement likely isn’t doing you any favors in the engagement department either.

If you’re serious about your mission, you need to get serious about how you talk about it.

You really do.

With Claxon University, I’m making it as easy, fun and affordable as possible to craft compelling messaging and create a mission statement you adore.

Is your mission statement a no-go zone? Not a problem. There are so  many other ways to change up your words so you can change the world. Really. There are so many. And I’d love for you to know every single one because then you can engage more people, more deeply in your work. And how awesome would that be?!

So, please, stop short-changing your mission. It’s too awesome and you’re too awesome for that. Check out Claxon University. Take the course. Let’s make some amazing things happen.


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?