Ep 87: Crispin Spaeth on Whole Body Leadership

On this episode of Communicate for Good, Erica and her guest, Crispin Spaeth, discuss the parallels to their work when it comes to energetic language and how body language is a large part of our nonverbal communication. Crispin discusses her work with the Integrated Alexander Technique and how it can be used as a full self approach for identifying the beauty of our human design and its intrinsic relationship to competence, connection and freedom. Her integrated approach helps clients identify how we can (including insights and practical, physical actions) bring a greater intentionality to our movements and in turn our work. As leaders, this work is important for the purposes of authenticity, connection, and energy to ensure there is an energy alignment between your intention and what you want people to know, feel and then do.

Resources Referenced:

Integrated Alexander Technique: https://www.alexandertechniqueinternational.org/ 

Galvanizing Performances by Kathleen Juhl (Series Editor) and Cathy Madden (Editor):


About Crispin:

Crispin Spaeth works with leaders and creatives who are working to make the world a better place and want to get there faster. She is a movement and performance coach and a teacher of Integrative Alexander Technique. This whole-self approach champions the beauty of our human design and its intrinsic relationship to confidence, connection, and freedom. The theme that connects all of Crispin’s work is the desire to streamline effort so that people can be most themselves and get their great ideas out into the world.  Crispin is a graduate of IAT Studio of Seattle, a Certified Teaching Member of Alexander Technique International, a member of ISMETA, and a graduate of Oberlin College. Her writing about Alexander Technique and choreographic process was included in the book “Galvanizing Performances” (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017.) Her first career was as a choreographer of contemporary dance. Crispin lives in Seattle with a family of humans and pets, loves art and design, and being thrown off balance. 

Connect with Crispin: 

Website: https://www.crispinspaeth.com 

Email: hello@crispinspaeth.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/crispinspaeth   

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crispinspaeth  


Connect with Erica:

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Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?