Celebrating the Big 25!

number 25 in flat designYeah, that’s right. Last week, I told you no one cares about your anniversary and/or your birthday. And now here I am, whooping it up over our 25th Language Lab podcast.

But I’m not really whooping. I’m sharing.

I just took a look at which podcasts had been listened to the most. To be honest, I thought there’d be a type of word that piqued listeners’ interest. New words or funky words or made up words. You see, podcasting was a new venture for Claxon. It was an experiment. The goal was to offer word-loving do-gooders a new way to think about language (and, on occasion, life).  To that end, we’ve looked at a wide variety of words: words we use all the time (e.g. ‘and’), words we rarely use (e.g. ‘peregrination’) and words that aren’t really words at all (e.g. ‘alot’).

As you’ll see from the Top 3 Most-Listened to Podcasts below, there wasn’t a trend. Nope. No type of word jumped out as most popular and compelling. Oh well. Still fun to see which words got the most air-time, as it were.

If you have shared these podcasts with others–THANK YOU. I work hard to make these podcasts worthy of your time and deeply appreciate you sharing them with others.

If haven’t listened to a podcast yet, here are the ones your do-gooding colleagues have found the most interesting. I hope you enjoy!







Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?