Word of the Week: Perspective

Young woman or old woman?

This image is a classic. I can only see a young woman. Many can only see an old woman. Some can see both. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Perspective comes out most strongly in the words we choese and the images we use. The two are often paired. In those instances, you get a perspective double whammy.

To get a little perspective on perspective, look at PAWS and ASPCA. Two non-profits who care deeply about animals. Two very different perspectives on how to convey that love.

What’s your organizational perspective? Your version of upbeat might be a potential donor’s version of a total buzz kill. Good to know which one will resonate.

This week, we’ll look at what perspective means for your brand and messaging. We’ll juxtapose some perspectives (a la the example above) and take a fun poll on the Guilt-Potential Perspective Continuum!




For years, whenever I’ve heard the word righteous, I’ve thought of surfers and skateboarders and other people who seemed cool when they said, “That’s righteous, dude!”.

But then I was reading Barry Johnson’s book about managing polarities vs solving problems and it was written like this: RIGHTeous.

In the world of cause and mission, being right has currency. Being right doesn’t give you the right to be righteous. It gives you an opportunity to be humble.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?