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Bootcamp Week #9: Share & Use

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You’ve got your Messaging Framework. Now what?

Now you make sure staff, board and volunteers all know about it. And you make sure that everyone practices the Top-Level Message for at least three months before they start tweaking.

That’s right. Three months. Why? Because that’s long enough to figure out what was simply uncomfortable vs what isn’t working. Anything less than that and you’re just giving in to the status quo, reverting to what’s comfortable but not necessarily compelling.


It’s also time to do an inventory of all your communications and marketing materials, both on and off-line. Then go through and make everything consistent. A bit boring perhaps, but worthwhile. Very worthwhile.

This Week’s To-Do’s

  1. Send to board and staff. Ideally, hold a training and give them the chance to practice, practice, practice.
  2. Inventory your materials and make all messaging consistent.
  3. Give yourself a great big high-five–you made it through the Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp!

About Claxon’s Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp

This is week #9–the final week–of our Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp. If you’d like to get your messaging booty in shape, here’s what you do.

Make ’em lean in

Bootcamp Week #7: Top-Level Message

(this week’s vid)

Your answer to the question, “What does your organization do?” should make someone lean in. Actually, physically lean in. Or, depending on the listener, they might raise their eyebrows. Or tilt their head to the side while making a little ‘o’ shape with their mouth.

You get the point.

If that doesn’t happen, revisit the other points on the roadmap because you’ve either skipped one or not dug deep enough to come up with a top-level message that does justice to your cause.

Yesterday, I judged 14 teams at University of Washington’s Global Social Entrepreneurship competition (GSEC). Three of the 14 made me lean in. One of those three, Sanergy, made me lean in AND laugh. Although all three were fantastic, that’s the one I remember. That’s the one I still want to know more about.

This Week’s To-Do

Try it! Say your top-level message to as many people as possible. Start with co-workers, friends and family. Then move on to others. Keep track of who you say it to and how they respond.

Next Week

Making your message resonate with Supporting Messaging by Audience. (It’s more exciting than it sounds.)

About Claxon’s Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp

This is week #6 of our Nonprofit Messaging Bootcamp. If you’re just joining the Bootcamp, here’s what you need to do to get started.

Do you communicate as effectively as you think?


Do you communicate as effectively as you think?